What is Waifu Watch?

Waifu Watch is a multimedia blog aiming to deliver reviews, photos, art and more. It’ll cover just about anything that tickles my fancy,  but for the most part focus on figurines and video games (two prime sources of top-notch waifus).

Like an imported figurine with no package tracking (aha-ha), content will arrive when it wants to. So, if things are moving slow around here, it’s probably because they’re moving slow.

So, to sum up: If you’re into The Animes, The Video Games, or just nice photos of figurines, you might find something to like here. I hope you do!

Who are you?

I’m Scott Bennett. I often go by the name DMY. (But not in real life, that would be silly.)

I’m an artist, photographer and writer from England. You can find my drawn art on my [deviantART] or at my Tumblr, [Approved By Bunnies]. Or I might even post some here!

About Reviews

Reviews at Waifu Watch use a standard 10 point scale. I plan to make use of the full scale, and avoid half-points.

Of course, while scores are generally reflective of my overall opinion, you should still read the review to get a better idea of my thoughts. Assigning a number can be tricky, especially when considering all the factors involved (such as price, availability, and so on).

Obviously, all Waifu Watch reviews are based on my opinions – if you don’t quite agree with me, that’s okay! If something interests you, I encourage you to try it out and form your own opinion.

About Photoshoots

Photoshoot posts are selections of photos that I’ve taken and feel are worth sharing. Any figurine review that features photos will be accompanied by a photoshoot post, but this doesn’t mean that every photoshoot will be tied to a review.

Due to the way WordPress’ gallery functions work (they badly compress the images), I do recommend checking out the photoshoot posts linked in my reviews, since the photos there are posted ‘raw’, without needing to compromise for readability.